Activated Caspase 3 Analysis in Traumatic Brain Injury Cerebral Organoids




Romo Mercado, Nohemi
Lybrand, Zane

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TBIs stands for traumatic brain injury which causes permanent loss of neural tissue. This experiment focused on pressure caused TBI and its resulting pathology. Cerebral organoids are in-vitro 3- dimensional stem cell cultures that display cerebral cortical regions similar to a developing human brain. Cerebral organoids were used because they potentially offer a more humanistic model of organization. The cerebral organoids were grown using the Pasca protocol and then to model a pressure induced TBI, the organoids are loaded into a tabletop blast chamber. The sections were stained using immunohistochemistry for activated caspase 3, which is an apoptosis marker to determine if the organoids reacted the same as a human brain would. In the cerebral organoids the frequency of the blast and the amount of cell death have a positive correlation. Thus, the dose response to different frequencies gives a threshold of cell death like that of a human blast TBI. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Zane Lybrand)