Treatment for cumulative trauma disorders using a person-centered approach: Grounded by the theory of occupational adaptation



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Cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) are musculoskeletal disorders that impact health and productivity. CTD risk factors are present in the workplace, home, and community. Occupational therapists (OTs) are widely involved with this population. Many OTs use a medical model in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of these conditions; however, the medical model has not proven to be consistently effective. This research took a different approach. It explored psychosocial factors in CTD development and progression, then used the findings to develop and test a curriculum designed to guide OTs with a person-centered treatment approach, based on the Theory of Occupational Adaptation (OA). Results indicated the curriculum was effective and relevant for the OT participants. Their feedback highlighted the value of the curriculum content. The study explored the feasibility of performing a multi-center, randomized controlled trial (RCT) to measure the effectiveness of the person-centered approach for improving occupational performance in a CTD population.



Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Person-Centered Approach, Occupational Adaptation