Exploring Distance Learning Experience among University Students




Nahar, Shamsun
Islam, Shahima
Dellanbbia, Anna
Dey, Anik
Hyder, Tasawar

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The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted educational systems worldwide, leading to the closure of schools and universities. As a result, schools and universities have been forced to modify the way teaching and learning occurs. Specifically, universities had to adopt alternate learning platforms to provide instructions to learners remotely. This study explores the effects of COVID-19 on learning experience among university students in Bangladesh. Exploring students’ perceptions and behavioral responses to learning identifies pedagogical obstacles and novel approaches to address the challenges. Following IRB approval, study data was drawn from 60 students by conducting ten focus groups at six public and private universities in Bangladesh. The findings of our study include five major themes: (1) “they were behind for almost two years;” (2) “the internet issue was a big problem;” (3) “financially, it impacted a lot;” (4) “I felt anxious, depressed, and hopeless;” and (5) “problems like headaches and back pain.” Findings of the study address the need to prioritize need-based support and increase capacities and related skills to provide education remotely in Bangladesh. Findings can also guide educators and university administrators in responding effectively to support students.



Education, University Students, Distance learning, Bagladesh, COVID-19


Nahar, S., Islam, S., Dellanebbia, A., Dey, A., & Hyder, T. (2023). Exploring distance learning experience among university students. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science, 7(4), 470–482. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijtes.476