Elderly Falls and Importance of Fall Risk Interventions

Guntipalli, Prathima
Miller, Anastasia
Delgado, Rigoberto
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Background: Falls are common in the elderly mainly due to intrinsic factors or extrinsic fall risk factors. Purpose: The objective of this study was to conduct a literature review on falls in elderly and identify the importance of fall prevention interventions.

Method: A systematic review was performed on studies published 1998-2022 on elderly falls. Results: Each year millions of adults older than 65 falls, leading to serious, costly injuries. More than 3 million people have been treated for fall injuries in emergencies every year. Interventions include exercise, calcium and vitamin supplementations, risk assessment tools, fall prevention programs, environmental safety, fall prevention devices, and behavior therapy. It is important to assess these interventions as no known studies focus on the overall effectiveness.

Conclusion: Falls are a major cause of injury and death yearly in elderly populations, interventions need to be assessed for effectiveness in fall prevention and improved quality of life.