A qualitative analysis of the international sport exchange program between India and United States




Manjunath, Sandhya
Picariello, Manuela

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Inter-nation sports programs are becoming common with the intent to foster cultural awareness and develop youth programs. Although many Sport For Development (SFD) programs have a significant impact on society, in many cases, they hardly provide scientific evidence about their effectiveness. International Basketball Exposure Program (IBEP) is an SFD program that sought to increase basketball skills, cultural experiences, and other personal development benefits for Indian players. The IBEP was conducted in collaboration with an NBA team's youth academy in the United States of America. The players attended multiple camps conducted by institutions and organizations affiliated to the NBA and NCAA. The purpose of this paper is to examine if this program aligns with the major components of Lyras’ (2007) Sport For Development Theory (SFDT) by conducting a qualitative research. Semi-structured interview questions will be used to understand the participants’ experiences and the impact of the program on their lives.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium