Protein and Amino Acid Composition of an Agaricus bisporus Powder and A. bisporus Protein Concentrate




Davila, Mindy
Du, Xiaofen

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With land and protein shortages predicted by 2050, there is a great need for efficient plant protein sources. This study aims to develop an A. bisporus protein concentrate with physiochemical and food functional characterization. A. bisporus mushroom powder was analyzed for 25 free and 24 protein amino acids (Phenomenex GC/MS EZ:Faast kit; HPLC), moisture (gravimetric), and protein (Kjeldahl) content. Powder moisture and crude protein content were 5.59% and 23.56%, respectively. Per 100mg on wet basis, total free and protein amino acids were 304.0mg and 2262.1mg. A powder protein extraction (pH 12.0, 1:59 powder:water, 60 min., 60°C) resulted in a supernatant and pellet, with protein (Kjeldahl) and total fiber (Sigma Aldrich TDF Kit) contents quantified. Extraction supernatant contained 71.62% of the total protein and was 4.98%fiber, while pellet contained 21.55% of the total protein and was 61.68%fiber. These findings are significant due to the annual protein yield advantage of A. bisporus (7,941.42 lbs. protein/acre) over soy (390.05 lbs. protein/acre).

Presented at the 2021 Student Creative Arts and Research Symposium


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Creative Arts and Research Symposium