Relationship between assisted living facility foodservice theme and residents' satisfaction and health status




Strohl, Melissa

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Purpose was to examine the impact of demographics and factors associated with aging on resident satisfaction, perception of food and service quality, and behavioral intentions regarding foodservice in assisted living facilities. Eighty-five residents of six assisted living facilities (2 home-style, 2 medical/health, and 2 restaurant/resort) had completed surveys. Respondents included 63 females and 21 males ranging in age from 58 to 99 years. Residents of the assisted living facilities gave similar ratings for food quality and overall foodservice quality. However, residents at home-style assisted living facilities rated service quality more highly than those at restaurant/resort facilities. They also had less need for assistance with Activities of Daily Living compared to residents of restaurant/resort and medical/health facilities. Since Americans are living longer, it is important to promote a good quality of life in their later years. Future research should assess differences nationally between quality measures and types of assisted living facilities.



Health and environmental sciences, Home-style assisted living, Baby Boomers, Elderly population