Comparison of certified Nurse-Midwifery and non-certified Nurse-Midwifery case management systems




Cook, Sally

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This was an evaluation of the major objective of an interagency program to demonstrate effective and efficient maternity care through the implementation of an interagency nurse-midwifery (CNM) system. Antepartum records of 100 health center clients meeting study criteria were audited and data on the number of antepartum visits conducted were used to measure care variables. One-way analysis of variance revealed significantly more effective and efficient care management within CNM systems than Non-CNM systems, according to scores on the Antepartum Data Base Scale (ADBS), scores on the Antepartum Complication Management Scale (ACMS), Referral Management Scale (RMS), client clinic attendance, and the number of visits conducted (p<.05). No significant differences were found as measured by non-scheduled absence from clinic, and the Newborn Outcome Scale (NOS). No significant correlations between the NOS scores and the scores on the ADBS, ACMS, and RMS (p>.05) were found using multiple regression. The findings indicated the program objective was attained.



Midwifery, Maternity care, Nursing