Correlation between the sucrose concentration and glycemic load of foods used in food frequency questionnaires: An explanation for the putative role of dietary sucrose in lung carcinogenesis?




Gonzalez, Roberto

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Researchers have investigated how dietary intake affects lung cancer risk. The literature indicates that sucrose may potentially play a role in lung cancer carcinogenesis. This study examined the sucrose content and glycemic load of foods commonly found in seven food frequency questionnaires (FFQs) to investigate if a correlation exists between these two variables. Values for sucrose concentration and glycemic load were obtained by carrying out an extensive review of the literature using databases such as PubMed, AGRICOLA, and the United States Department of Agriculture's Standard Release series. Correlational analysis was carried out. The findings indicate that there is a statistically significant relationship between the sucrose concentration of the foods commonly found in FFQs and their glycemic loads, r = 0.31, p < .001. This indicates that the putative role of dietary sucrose in the incidence of lung cancer is supported.



Health and environmental sciences, Nutrition, Medicine