Conflict resolution satisfaction: a study of satisfied marriages across 16 domains of marital conflict

Pape, Amy
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The purpose of this paper was to examine satisfied marriages with the intent to better understand conflict resolution within these marriages. Conflict resolution satisfaction was introduced as a new variable in the study of marital conflict. In addition, conflict resolution was studied as it occurs over a variety of domains within marriage. A sample of 60 married couples with children living at home were administered a questionnaire assessing their level of marital satisfaction in addition to several variables concerning their resolution of conflict across 16 domains. Satisfied spouses were found to vary their conflict resolution strategies across domains of marriage. Husbands and wives did not use different conflict resolution strategies from one another. A high level of conflict resolution satisfaction was found to result in higher levels of marital satisfaction. Importance of the area of conflict and the conflict resolution strategy affected the level of conflict resolution satisfaction. Suggestions were made to marriage and family therapists on the basis of the results.

Marital conflict, Marriage counseling, Conflict management