The Cost of Isolation: Moral Distress in Critical Care Nursing during COVID-19




Soteres, Bethany

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Critical care (ICU) nurses caring for patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus (COVID- 19) are at risk of facing emotional challenges in the clinical setting. These challenges have led to discussions regarding moral distress. With IRB approval, the Measure of Moral Distress—Healthcare Professionals (MMDHP) survey will be provided to ICU nurses in the Dallas area to evaluate the level and frequency of moral distress in daily practice. Using the conceptual framework, the Wilkinson Equation Model of Moral Distress, this study aims to determine if ICU nurses experience moral distress in the context of COVID-19 and if there is a correlation between levels of moral distress, job retention, and demographic information. The data gleaned from this study, entitled, The Cost of Isolation: Moral Distress in Critical Care Nurses During COVID-19, will provide insight into the presence of moral distress and ultimately lead to strategies to improve the welfare of ICU nurses.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium