Pronunciator: A powerful tool for language learning




Katzenstein, Lisa

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Pronunciator is a phenomenal tool for learning any language. I will be focusing in on how a foreign language student can learn Spanish, one of 87 languages taught on Pronunciator. For this pre¬sentation English will be the interface language and Spanish will be the target language. Pronunciator offers a main Spanish course with five different levels of difficulty, and Learning Guides, which are 8 week long highly structured courses of different language levels for 5 days a week, 1-2 sessions per day. Live 30 minute free conversation classes are offered on weekdays, but one must be the first of 5 people to sign up 5 minutes before the class begins online. The main Spanish course offers drills with phonetic spellings of each word, along with the opportunity to record oneself and be graded by Pronunciator for accuracy in pronunciation. The drills also give the student practice in vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. The student then can go to the quiz section and be tested on all of these language skills. Movies, poetry and popular music are offered as well. Teachers can also customize Pronunci¬ator for their students. Participants should bring their laptops or tablets. Headsets are helpful, but not mandatory. One month access to Pronunciator will be provided.


Lisa Katzenstein, Richland College


Pronunciator tool, Language learning