Science learning enhancement through the use of children's literature and hands-on instruction




DeSpain, Cynthia Dianne Heflin

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It was postulated that through the use of children's literature, in conjunction with hands-on science instruction would enhance science learning. Children are used to story format and are able to read content in a format to which they are already accustomed. The purpose of the study was to see if the use of literature would assist or enhance the learning of rainforest content.

Through a six week's unit on the tropical rainforest, one group of students was selected to also receive literature relating to the study. Another group was taught the same content, but did not receive literature. At the onset of the study, both groups were given a pretest, and at the end of the entire unit, were given the same test as a posttest.

The results indicated that the use of literature did not make a difference in the retention of the content taught. Although the children appeared to enjoy the stories and colorful pictures, both groups were able to retain information equally about the rainforest through the use of hands-on activities and cooperative learning groups.



Education, Elementary education, Science education, Children's literature