Students as Partners in the Development of Open Education Resources for Teaching Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology




Kong, Jennifer
Soon, Zoë

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In creating a cost-free Open Education Resource (OER) textbook for required Pathophysiology courses in Health Care programs, we strove to implement many useful tools for both students and instructors. We are incorporating multimodal, Universal Design Learning (UDL) features in order to be accessible to all learners. The etext includes closed-captioned video clips, images, and a range of different types of interactive, repeatable student practice questions with auto-feedback answers. This provides students affordable access to engaging, up-to-date content that can be accessed at any time. The user-friendly reflowable layout allows for readability on multiple devices including screen readers and follows all accessibility guidelines. The project has benefited from collaborations between 3 faculties as well as grants allowing for student assistants to be hired and instill their feedback. To promote inclusivity in education and healthcare settings, the instructor and student resources contain patient narratives, a language inclusivity guide, case studies, as well as scientist spotlights, highlighting contributions to the field by individuals that have been historically overlooked. Although this OER is still a work in progress, the portions that have been completed were delivered to students this year with a mix of over 1000 practice questions for both instructors and students to pick and choose from. In order to gather feedback and incorporate it into the OER as it is being completed, reviewer focus groups and student satisfaction surveys are being conducted. Student satisfaction results and tips for creating OER and OER assessments will be shared in this presentation.