Engagement in nutrition education provided on Instagram versus Facebook among low-income caregivers of preschoolers

December 2023
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Poor diet quality in preschool-aged children is increasing in prevalence, leading to childhood obesity and comorbidities in adulthood. Social media often shares nutrition information that features foods of low nutritional value compared to fruits and vegetables (F/V). This study used qualitative and quantitative methods to assess the influence of social media on F/V intake in low-income families as well as satisfaction with social media over an eight-week period. Social media content was developed to promote F/V intake among low-income families of preschoolers using Health Belief Model concepts. Data was collected through Facebook and Instagram by assessing engagement through likes, comments, and shares. F/V intake were assessed in four participants (n=4) through a pre- and post-assessment survey and a post-assessment social media satisfaction survey. Overall, F/V intake of the families did not change. More studies are needed to assess whether social media can influence F/V intake for low-income families.

Nutrition, Health Sciences