Increasing providers’ screening, diagnosing, and monitoring of metabolic syndrome in psychiatric patients: A quality improvement project

Olayiwole, Bolanie
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Metabolic syndrome is a significant health issue and the use of antipsychotics increases its risk. However, monitoring metabolic syndrome in patients using antipsychotics is irregular. This quality improvement project aimed to increase evidence-based screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of metabolic syndrome in patients prescribed antipsychotic medications while ensuring providers are satisfied with the criteria provided for metabolic syndrome screening. The introduction of three evidence-based strategies helped to achieve the project’s aims that included (a) introduction of the NCEP-ATP III screening tool, (b) use of a metabolic monitoring form, and (c) educational or training sessions for the providers. Patient-based metabolic monitoring data were collected and analyzed using descriptive analysis of project variables and a run chart based on statistical control methodology. Analysis of the provider-based project data used descriptive analysis of the survey items, including each survey item's count. The project outcomes showed an increase in the assessment and accurate diagnosis of metabolic syndrome in patients using antipsychotics.

DNP Project
Mental health, Antipsychotics, Metabolic syndrome, NCEP-ATP III, Metabolic monitoring