Elementary Science: The neglected subject




Edington, Evelyn

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The purpose of this study was to investigate reasons why elementary teachers are avoiding science instruction and to identify any differences that might be found between urban and rural districts. Classroom teachers of grades kindergarten through fifth were asked to respond to a questionnaire and two surveys. On these instruments teachers were asked to rate their feelings toward teaching science and to relate this to the depth of their background in science. The questionnaire was examined for like responses. The Teacher Professional Survey was checked for frequency of response and then cross referenced with the Teacher Background Survey. A percentage base analysis was used. The results from the urban district were compared to the results from the rural district. Although teachers have a good attitude about teaching science, they do have some concerns about their lack of knowledge. It appears that outside influences, such as other curriculum priorities and time, are the leading causes of the neglect of science teaching.



Education, Science Education, Elementary school