I see you: Dance as behavioral intervention for middle school students

Medrano, Crystal Dulce
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This research project outlines the creation of five movement/dance activities for use as behavioral intervention strategies in a middle school classroom. The author builds this pedagogical project on concepts and theories from published research on adolescent behavior and middle school behavioral management. The author outlines her process of creating the activities, the study of activities in action in her classroom, and subsequent editing of the activities. The methodology and procedures used in this research project consisted of a literature review, narrative inquiry of the author's past teaching experience, and creation of a theoretical framework to guide the creation and implementation of activities. This paper concludes with an overview of the created behavior intervention activities that incorporate movement/dance in promotion of positive behavior skills essential for middle school students.

Behavioral intervention, Middle school behavior, Fine arts as intervention, Dance as intervention, Adolescent brain, Adolescent behavior, Dance intervention activities, Movement interventions, Dance intervention in middle schools, Dance behavior intervention