Challenges the airline industry faces at present



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The competition among businesses operating in the airline industry has become highly intense. This has resulted in creating different types of obstacles for those organizations. For instance, companies are now required to invest large amounts of resources in marketing and promotion activities to attract more and more customers. The main aim of conducting the present study is to identify various issues faced by the airline industry. For the present study, the research has adopted an inductive approach focusing on general assumptions then comes to the specific and applies to the industry, the research has emphasis on selecting exploratory research design technique. The sample size for the present study is 101 respondents from more than 10 different airline companies at Dallas-Fort Worth airport in Dallas, Texas includes American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Qatar Airlines. From the study carried out, it can be concluded that there are large number of issues and challenges that are being faced by the companies operating in the airline industry. At present, conducting smooth flow of all operations and activities is no longer an easy task for companies. Companies are not able to determine suitable strategies that can support in attracting new customers and retaining the old ones in every possible manner. It is recommended to the airline companies to carry out external analysis on a continuous basis through PESTLE (Political environment, Economic factors, Sociocultural factors, Technological changes, Legal issues, Environmental aspects) as through this it is possible for them to know the external challenges that affect business operations.



present scenario, current issues, challenges, recommendations