Integrating a new framework for inclusive evaluation: EPIC-SCREAM




Becker, Kristen

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Diversity and inclusion are critical elements of community-based organizations; however, many agencies do not have the information necessary to incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice (DEIJ) elements into their daily operations. Nevertheless, libraries and other community-based organizations must provide services and programs to all populations at little or no cost. However, they may lack available data or the willingness of employees to engage in evaluation efforts such as strategic planning, which are necessary to ensure inclusive and equitable programs and services. Research (George et al., 2018) shows that many employees do not engage in strategic planning efforts because the process is cumbersome and daunting, they feel the goals do not apply to them, or they do not believe changes will be meaningful and long- lasting. Continual evaluation is critical in identifying demographic changes in the community while introducing culturally-sensitive programs and services.


Article originally published by the Proceedings of the ALISE Annual Conference. English. Published online 2022


SCREAM, Inclusivity, Quadruple bottom line, Community-based organizations


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