Effect of calcium-fortified cereal bars on dietary calcium intake in women

Lee, Jennifer Ting-Yun
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This study aimed to determine if consuming calcium-fortified whole grain cereal bars will improve dietary calcium intake in women, and decrease risk of osteoporosis development. In this randomized controlled crossover study, 35 healthy women above age 18 in Houston, Texas, in either Group I or II received two Kellogg's Nutri-Grain® cereal bars daily during a 3-week intervention period and ate their usual diet for three weeks (control) after a 3-week baseline period. Dietary intakes were estimated from 3-day diet and supplemental diaries. Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used for within group and Mann Whitney U test for between group comparisons. Dietary calcium intake was significantly higher during intervention (1071 mg per day) than baseline (720 mg per day, p < 0.0001) or control (775 mg per day, p = 0.0001). No previous studies have used this study bar. Findings may advance current research on feasible ways to obtain adequate calcium intake to improve bone health.

Nutrition, Public health, Behavioral sciences, Psychology, Health and environmental sciences, Calcium intake, Cereal bars, Fortification, Women