Self-to-community collaborations: Women of color interconnecting through zines




Salinas, Daisy

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This thesis is an examination of how women of color navigate their multiple identities in zines, which are informal, hand-made publications that are produced and distributed by people who make them. I argue that through their zines women of color zinesters incorporate self-to-community collaborations, which is a process of sharing pain with others in order to pursue healing and a global interconnectivity. While some zine scholarship addresses the ways that zinesters resist marginalization, much of scholarly work about zines does not include meaningful racial analysis. In my methodology I use in-depth textual investigation of three zines and autoethnographic analysis to address this gap. This is important because many women of color use zines to present their struggles associated with racism, sexism, abuse, and culture and analyzing zines allows us to see how marginalized individuals share their oppression and form interconnected communities.



Social sciences, Communication and the arts, Feminism, Interconnectivity, Women of color, Zines