“Creative Acts of Vision”: Connecting Art and Theory through Gloria Anzaldúa's Archived Sketches

Ishii, Sara
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Queer Chicana author Gloria Anzaldúa often used visual art to develop and teach her theories, which address issues relating to social identity and institutions as well as creativity and spirituality. Her large collection of archived sketches at the Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers at the University of Texas demonstrates her drive to visually express ideas. The archive also holds unpublished works and talks in which Anzaldúa discusses her concepts of creativity and the image-making process. Despite the prevalence of images in her work, few scholars have analyzed her artwork or her writings on creativity. To address this gap, I explore the question: How do Anzaldúa's sketches inform her theoretical concepts of creativity and image-making? Analyzing her visual work significantly contributes to academic scholarship, especially for scholars looking to engage with Anzaldúan theorizing beyond that of her written works.

Ishii, S. (2023). “Creative acts of vision”: Connecting art and theory through Gloria Anzaldúa’s archived sketches. Journal of Aesthetic Education, 57(2), 94–111. https://doi.org/10.5406/15437809.57.2.06