Lower Extremity Loading During Aerobic Exercise: A Literature Review

LaGreca, Ciara
Nguyen, Thien
Tuttle, Noelle
Avalos, Marco A.
Kwon, Young-Hoo
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have been used as a method to increase intensity in differing forms of exercise. More specifically, ankle weights have been used as a way to increase intensity during aerobic exercises such as walking or running. Many studies have compared the physiological effects, such as caloric and energy expenditure, during aerobic exercise with an increased load on the lower extremities. However, there is a limited amount of research involving the changes in running mechanics related to the use of ankle weights. Therefore, a review of the literature will be performed. This review will investigate the available information regarding the mechanics of lower extremity loading during aerobic exercise, with a focus on running studies. The information provided by this review will aid future studies in analyzing these effects and determining appropriate exercise programs.