A history of the United States Medical Department in the Mexican War

Lee, Martha Deann Hamiter
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The purpose of this thesis is to show the structure of the Medical Bureau of the War Department and how it failed to provide organization in essential areas. It is a descriptive narrative compiled of previously published works enhanced by additional material in more recently accessible primary sources. Major sources of information were published journals and diaries of Mexican War soldiers and several articles by surgeons who served during the war. Various books were also studied for background information and medical facts. This data is interpreted and presented in bipartisan terms with little reference to political involvements. The vast majority of material is from American sources and, therefore, is flavored with an American bias. Medical procedures and jargon are given in layman's terms with an amateur understanding of medicine. It is concluded that the Medical Bureau suffered great failure despite dedication and ability. The greatest fault was with the War Department who organized its army for times of peace with little consideration for war.

Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, American history, Mexican history