Charting a Green Path Ahead: Texas Woman’s University’s Journey to Sustainability




Caltrider, David
Springer, Emily
Sheardy, Richard Dean

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Student Creative Arts & Research Symposium


Three years ago Texas Woman’s University took to heart the American Chemical Society’s goal to become completely sustainable within 150 years. Ever since then, we as a university have been working toward a more environmentally friendly, sustainable laboratory environment. This semester, more time is being devoted to this goal. We have successfully completed a semester of organic chemistry using numerous “green” experiments, begun integrating discussion topics and green chemistry curriculum into the organic chemistry laboratory, are working toward being recognized by the ACS as a green chemistry chapter, integrating microwave chemistry into different chemistry courses and faculty research, and formulating a path towards our ultimate goal—complete sustainability. Faculty and students are committed to this goal in an unprecedented manner. Our hope is to become an institution that other universities look to as a role model and leader of how to become sustainable and environmentally conscious, without sacrificing scientific education.



Green, Chemistry, Research, Organic, Sustainability