Promoting Science Through Wizardry




Maguire, Cynthia

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An unexpected opportunity come salong when we least expect it, and that is how I came to travel to Middle Earth (NewZealand) as a wizard apprentice in fall 2016. Along the way, I learned a totally new and unique way of relating science information to children, thereby increasing their interest in science. My poster is a description of my journey as I truly became the Mistress of Potions (MP for short). Since returning to Texas, I am seeking opportunities to visit schools for kids of all ages in order to demonstrate the power—and fun—of science! Wizarding performances are provided free of charge, but when overnight travel is needed the community is asked to provide local meals and a bed in someone’s home. This provides the opportunity to strengthen bonds with the people I meet while reducing the cost of providing this unique performance to schools. Performing as the Mistress of Potions, I hope to be a role model for young women in science and an ambassador for TWU.