A retrospective study on the experience of coming out on LGBTQ+ Latinx adolescents



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Adolescents are in a unique position as they are emerging into adulthood and their identities as individuals are forming. Emerging identities, such as burgeoning sexuality can cause shifts within the relationships with those around the adolescent, referred to by Bronfenbrenner as an ecological system (1994). The purpose of this study was to explore the levels of support Latino adolescents experienced within the ecological system around them. Using a phenomenological approach, ten interviews were conducted with LGBTQ+ Latinx individuals about their coming out experiences as adolescents. A two-pronged analysis was conducted to examine lived experiences. Themes found from the interviews were acceptance, negative meanings & emotions, and cultural factors. Each theme also had subthemes, including affirmation, rejection, grief, religion, and gender ideology. The themes explored in the current study expanded on previous findings. The findings of this research offer new insights on the phenomenon of coming out.



Sociology, Individual and Family Studies, Psychology, Developmental