Dietary fatty acid intake and plasma free fatty acid composition in obese females




Harb, Lara F.

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The purpose of this study was to determine if the plasma free fatty acid (FFA) composition after six weeks of weight loss would reflect the initial diet more than the recent weight loss diet; and to determine the effect of weight loss on the plasma omega-3/omega-6 (w3/w6) ratio in obese females. Pre and post dietary fatty acids (FA) were determined by computer. Plasma FF A in the postabsorptive state were analyzed using HPLC for both day 0 and day 42. No correlations existed between plasma FFA at six weeks and dietary FA at six weeks, and no correlations were detected between the plasma FF A at six weeks and dietary FA at baseline. There was no difference in plasma w3/w6 ratio before and after weight loss. These findings indicate that plasma FF A composition may not be a valid parameter when one wants to establish if obese subjects are complying with their weight reduction diet.



Metabolism, Fasting, Weight loss