Physiological responses to a 60-Minute Zuma® class in college age females

Rogers, Rebecca
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Texas Woman s University

Purpose. The purpose of this study was be to determine the physiological responses throughout a 60 min Zumba® class and compare the average METs of the Zumba® class to the American College of Sports Medicine's definition of vigorous activity of 6 METs. Methods. 30 college age females were analyzed during a Zumba® class. Throughout the class, METs, caloric expenditure, kcal/min, HR, and VO2 were recorded using a K4b2 Cosmed unit that the participant wore during the class. Results. There was no significant difference between the METs of the full Zumba® class and 6 METs (5.7 ± 1.8 vs. 6.0). Discussion. Zumba® is classified as a moderate intensity activity and capable of meeting the ACSM's criteria if practiced for 60 min duration, 3-5 days per week. Taking three Zumba® classes per week would be the minimum recommended frequency with an increase for more fitness improvements or weight control.

Kinesiology, Health sciences, Physiology, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Energy Expenditure, Exercise, Fitness, Group Fitness, Zumba