Coping mechanism and professional quality of life in northeast Texas EMS personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic: An exploratory study




Miller, Anastasia
Brown, Lee Warren

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Introduction - The purpose of this study was to conduct an exploratory evaluation of employee professional quality of life and factors associated with it at an emergency medical service (EMS) agency in northeast Texas in the United States. Initially, we intended to evaluate typical day-to-day factors, however we ended up capturing these factors during the unique environment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods - We conducted an exploratory cross-sectional survey at an EMS agency in northeast Texas in November 2020. Surveys were web-based and anonymous. They included the ProQOL 5, the Survey of Perceived Organizational Support, the Brief Resilience Survey, the RAND Social Support Survey Instrument, the Kessler-6, the Workplace Incivility Scale-Revised, the General Self-Efficacy Scale and the Brief Cope Scale.

Results - The survey had a response rate of 19% (38 participants). Findings suggest a positive relationship between utilising religion as a coping mechanism and higher compassion satisfaction. There was also a relationship associated between increased perceived organisational support leading to an increase in compassion satisfaction. The most significant predictors of burnout were two different coping mechanisms. Those who relied more heavily on behavioral disengagement and those who employed humour as a coping mechanism displayed average increased levels of burnout. Finally, those who experienced workplace incivility and those who relied on self-blame as a coping mechanism experienced on average higher levels of secondary traumatic stress.

Conclusion - This study adds to the limited literature examining coping mechanisms, stress and burnout in EMS personnel. It is also unique for examining how EMS personnel are coping with stress during a prolonged pandemic.



Professional quality of life, Perceived organizational support, Workplace incivility, Coping mechanism, Emergency medical technicians


This is the abstract for an article that is available at Recommended citation: Miller, A., & Brown, L. (2021). Coping mechanism and professional quality of life in Northeast Texas EMS personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic: An exploratory study. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 18, 1–8. This item has been deposited in accordance with publisher copyright and licensing terms and with the author’s permission.