The baseline characteristics of parents and African American girls in an online obesity prevention program: A feasibility study




Callender, Chishinga

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the baseline characteristics of girls and their parents in an online obesity prevention program created for 8-10 year old African American girls. Girls and a parent completed online dietary questionnaires. Two unannounced 24 hour dietary recalls were conducted with each girl. Child fruit and vegetable (FV) intake was significantly greater in the highest household education and income groups. FV home availability was higher with older and married parents. Child FV intake was positively related to child FV preferences, home availability, and accessibility, but was negatively related to barriers to FV consumption. These findings highlight the impact between parent psychosocial variables and demographic characteristics on child FV consumption. Obesity prevention programs for African American girls and their families should consider how child FV consumption may differ based on parent education, household income, child FV preferences, and parental psychosocial characteristics.



Social sciences, Health and environmental sciences, African American, Baseline characteristics, Children, Obesity prevention, Parenting