Investigating the roles of miR-206 and miR-486 on skeletal muscle growth and myogenesis in response to in vitro beta-2 adrenergic receptor stimulation




Gordon, Ryan
Zumbro, Emily L.
Duplanty, Anthony A.

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MicroRNA (miRNA) are small, noncoding RNA found within bodily tissues that regulate gene expression by degrading or inhibiting messenger RNA (mRNA). Within skeletal muscle, miRNA have important regulatory functions, controlling both muscle growth and regeneration. Exercise is one of the primary mechanisms for affecting muscle physiology and it achieves this, in part, through miRNA activity. However, more research is needed to more fully determine the relationship between exercise and miRNA within skeletal muscle. Thus, with this project, we aim to investigate this relationship using an in vitro cell culture model. We hypothesize that in vitro exercise stimulation of skeletal muscle cells will influence miRNA expression. Moreover, this change in miRNA expression will be associated with proteins and factors that regulate skeletal muscle growth and regeneration.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium