Supporting STEM Learning in Public Libraries with Academic Library Collaborations




Jones, Jessica

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The Bryan+College Station Public Library System and Texas A&M University formed a partnership in 2019 through the University’s Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) and Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to bring STEM programming aimed at adult audiences to the public library. This program facilitates a monthly speaking engagement with a graduate student who presents on their research. Because of the affiliation with the AFF and CTE, these are students who have interest in speaking about their work and in being good science communicators. The students get to practice public speaking, adult library patrons can attend a STEM program about new and interesting research, academics may be able to use the activities in their tenure files as service to the community, and public librarians are able to offer quality programs at minimal cost through collaborating with their academic peers. This program has worked exceedingly well in College Station and there are plans to keep it going indefinitely every fall and spring semester.


Presented at CTLC 2020