Nursing diagnosis: Validity of decreased cardiac output as a response component

Perkins, Sherry
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The problem was to examine the response of decreased cardiac output by describing the defining and essential characteristics, the etiologies, and determining whether these etiologies direct independent or interdependent nursing functions. Additionally, the problem was to determine whether nurses believe that decreased cardiac output should appear on the NANDA list of accepted nursing diagnoses.

Medical surgical registered nurses responded to questionnaire items about the response of decreased cardiac output. After data collection, nursing experts categorized the defining characteristics and determined whether the etiologies directed independent or interdependent nursing functions.

The defining and essential characteristics generated for decreased cardiac output did not represent a clear-cut pattern. If a nursing diagnosis etiology component must be nurse independently intervenable, then decreased cardiac output is inappropriate for use as a response component. Findings suggest that the criteria for inclusion of diagnostic labels on the NANDA list is not clearly understood by practicing nurses.

Cardiac output, North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, Medical surgical nurses