Improving on-task attention by adding movement in the classroom




Harbison, Lynne Tepolt

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Purpose. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of S'cool Moves® on attention in the classroom.

Methods. A single subject, A-B-A-B with interrupted time series design was used. All students in a fourth grade classroom participated in a S'cool Moves® program. Three students were observed for their on task attention behaviors during a writing task. There are two dependent variables in this study, attention to task and in-seat behavior. Data was graphed for the differences in the phases (Shilling & Schutz, 2003).

Results. Three students were observed during the study and the results were widely varied for each student. Participant A showed a clear effect with in seat attention but engaged behaviors were inconclusive. Participant B demonstrated a negative effect with in-seat attention and no effect with engaged behaviors. However, Participant C showed a clear positive effect of the S'cool Moves program with in-seat and engaged behaviors.

Conclusion. A classroom based physical activity program may be effective in improving on-task and engaged behaviors in the classroom.



Health and environmental sciences, Education, S'cool Moves®