Dance is Second Nature: Movement for Movements—Dance Activism for Transformation, Environmental, and Eco-Dance Æffects




Collins, Rae

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Site-specific dance may be the intersection of dance education and outdoor education, and screendance may further interconnect them with 21st-century skills. The research has called the author to provide substance showing this in association with dance education, because this is dance activism, in support of—but not limited to—environmental justice. Indeed, environmental screendance may be the interweaving of those crosspoints braided with environmental and social sciences in addition to experiential education. As one who has much experience with dancing outdoors, especially having experienced living in rural areas, herein is substance supporting the expansion of the curriculum to gain both health and wealth in this style of learning while also learning sustainable education. If the interconnectedness of artistic (specifically, performance-based dance), scientific, historical, and technological subject matters can be more drawn upon, presented, and delivered in curriculum, then perhaps (re)connection, (re)discovery, reciprocity, and stewardship may be the æffects, bringing each and all another step closer to achieving much-needed transformation. This dancing author has created an Eco-Dance ART(if)ACT for individuals—or Self, for humanity—or People, and for Planet—Earth.



Environmental, Ecology, Screendance, Activism, Ecofeminism, Justice, Grounding, Place, Piece, Elements, Presence, Intergenerational