Impacts of COVID-19 on an Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy Patient




Butcher, Allison
Brewer, Wayne

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The impacts of COVID-19 have been more widespread than mortality: jobs, relationships, mental health, and general health outcomes have all been affected. Studies found a reduction of up

to 90% in number of orthopedic surgeries with the onset of COVID- 19. The purpose of this study is to examine the impacts of a delayed

meniscus repair in a 30-year-old female patient. The patient’s surgery and therapy were delayed by nearly six months, causing extreme limitations in range of motion and strength. She was seen regularly for four months and underwent two manipulations under anesthesia. At discharge, her active range of motion had improved from 20- 44 degrees to 3-105 degrees; strength, gait, self-perceived function, and activity tolerance had also improved. Fear, delayed treatment, and COVID- 19 all affected the patient’s recovery from a relatively simple injury. More research will be necessary to fully understand the role that COVID-19 has played on orthopedic patients. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Wayne Brewer)