Writing teacher professional development: A photo elicitation of teacher change

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Writing development is a complex and continuous process that is acquired within social environments. Process-oriented writing instruction allows for complex writer-directed work, however studies that examine how teachers talk about the change to process-oriented writing instruction are sparse. In this study, the researcher examined how teachers made changes to their writing instruction and their expectations of their students’ writing development. The backdrop of the study was an in-depth, sustained, and collaborative professional development on literacy learning and teaching. The teachers’ descriptions of learning and change were examined through autodriven photo elicitation interviews. The photo elicitation interview data revealed the transformation in the teachers’ writing instruction practices from teacher-directed, product-oriented to more writer-directed, process-oriented which resulted in the teachers noticing more development in their young writers. Moreover, the teachers’ interview data revealed the aspects of the professional development that influenced changes in their writing instruction. This study adds to the research on teacher change and teacher professional
development. The teachers’ voices provide the teacher education community with understanding of what elements of professional development foster teacher change.

Writing Instruction, Writing, Teacher Professional, Development, Photo Elicitation