Knowing and Growing: Promoting Research Autonomy and Collaboration Through Instruction




Johnson, Stacy H.
Kim, Dianna
Strickland, Susan

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Session presenters, academic research and instruction librarians from an R-3 university, will discuss developing an active and reflective inquiry-based library instruction activity to provide students with skills to effectively read and interpret scholarly articles. They will explain how librarians can collaborate with stakeholders and students to provide practical research experience through a one-shot instruction session adaptable to suit learners across disciplines. The librarians’ interactions with students revealed that they do not understand the structure and composition of academic research articles and lack the ability to efficiently read and interpret findings. To address this, the librarians developed a one-shot group activity “Anatomy of a Scholarly Research Article” to assist students in increasing their research acumen regardless of discipline. The librarians will discuss collaborating with faculty to use the instruction activity for courses in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. They will also describe how the activity can be modified to suit various contexts and can help researchers at all levels examine their own process and benefit from collaborative, inquiry-based, active and reflective research practice.


Presented at CTLC 2020