High-quality Diet of Journals: Comparison of Top-ranked with Most-used Journals




Harker, Karen
Hergert, Chris
Byrne, Sephra

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UNT librarians will present a follow-up on the work shared at the 2019 CTLC Conference, regarding compiled data from the Journal Citation Reports and its comparison to UNT holdings. In last year’s presentation, “Are your students & faculty eating what’s best for them? Evaluating the quality of your most highly-used ejournals”, techniques used to extract the titles and metrics from JCR and our ejournals lists were explained, and then compared using ISSN for matching. In this presentation, the librarians will add journal usage data to provide a more complete answer to the original question posed last year. While they will provide some details on how the data was put together, the presentation will focus less on the technology and steps for gathering this data, and more on the results and the limitations of such an analysis. This presentation will be most useful to academic librarians who are interested in comparing the determining how valuable highly-ranked journals are to their primary users.


Presented at CTLC 2020