Lesson 2: Chapter 1: Module 2: Foodborne Illness




Bednar, C.
Ryu, D.
Baumert, J.
Zottarelli, L.
Solis, G.
Parodi, M.
Warren, C.

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Texas Woman's University


The manual and accompanying online video series are designed to provide food service managers and employees with the information and resources to promote a positive food safety culture within their establishment. Designed by a multidisciplinary team of academic and food service professionals, managers and employees can work together to reduce foodborne illness and allergic reactions to foods. The manuals have been divided into Modules with corresponding videos and quizzes. After completing the training program, employees should be able to identify safe food handling practices from simple handwashing procedures to the more complex process of developing a food allergy plan. By making food safety a priority, food service establishments can serve high quality, safe food to consumers in any operation.


Food service training manual and video series. There are no videos for Lesson 2, Lesson 7, Lesson 9, and Lesson 15.


Foodborne Illness, Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS), Bacteria, Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ), Viruses, Allergic Reaction to Foods, Parasites, The Big Eight, Cross-Contact