A comparison of dietary intakes of preschool children from WIC families to those of children from high income

Hajny, Teresa T.
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The present study was undertaken to compare and examine the dietary intakes and eating patterns of preschool WIC children and non-WIC children. Forty nine WIC mothers and fifty non-WIC mothers of preschool children were asked to complete a questionnaire, a 24-hour dietary recall, and a food frequency list for their children's dietary intakes. The results were compared and a series of analysis of variance tests were performed. Eating trends could be seen in both groups of children in that dietary intakes were low in calcium, vitamins A and c, fruits and vegetables, and high in fats and sweets. Results from the children's dietary intake lists also showed that the mothers did not apply their nutritional knowledge to their children's diets. Further research needs to study the impact of nutrition education on less educated low income families and the long term nutritional status of children.

Food economics, Nutrition education, Preschool nutrition