Windows to literature: The computer as context in north central Texas community colleges

Anderson, Sandra J.
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This thesis evaluates the study of literature with the use of computer technology and recommends how it can inspire students to search for "possibilities." Chapter one reviews and synthesizes current scholarship in the field of computer-aided classrooms. Chapter two focuses on ways computer hardware, appropriate software, and Cyberspace assist students extend the existing windows to different spaces, realities, and time in their quest to change information to knowledge. Chapter three highlights teachers' and students' roles when adopting a computer-aided literature class. Chapter four is devoted to the methods of evaluating the existing computer-aided literature classes in the North Central Texas community colleges and an analysis of the survey results. Concerns and advantages of studying literature with computer technology are also addressed.

Although the study of literature is a complex undertaking, computer technology opens the existing windows of information encouraging students to continue probing the mysteries and wonders of literature.

Educational software, Hypermedia, Language arts