Alleviating ESL FYC students' Writing Anxiety (Writer’s Block) through Exploring and Teaching Rhetorical Criticism with Narrative Perspective on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee and Daehyun Won’s Raindrops




Won, Daehyun (DH)

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The majority of first-year composition students commonly experience writing anxiety (i.e., writer's block) that greatly hinders teachers' effective teaching and students' confident learning which are essential for expressing creative and critical thoughts on a white page. In particular, for an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, due to their unique situations, being set between their own language-based cultural communications and the English-based rhetorical conventions, writing anxiety is weightier. The anxiety causes ESL students’ dreadful learning obstacles when composing their western culture-based rhetorical assignments. Due to the fact that writing anxiety is a matter of psychological, linguistic, cultural, and even social system issues, instead of relying on grammatical knowledge, academic genres, and strict grade scorings, FYC teachers can pedagogically facilitate multicultural, multidimensional, and multimodal narratives and their storytelling methods, in learning such as Cha’s Dictee and Won’s Raindrops, to inspire unconstrained-thinking processes with creative writing skills.