Methodism and its founders in eighteenth century literary satire




Hardin, Mary D.

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This thesis was begun in the belief that the great religious awakening, called Methodism, which swept England, Ireland, and America in the eighteenth century, had some bearing upon the course of England's literary history, and that a new view of the movement and its influence might be gained from the reflection of it through contemporary literature. The study represents the writer's interest in Methodism and its founders, as well as in eighteenth century social life and literature. For guidance in the selection of the subject, I am indebted to Dr. L. M. Ellison, whom I gratefully acknowledge as the source of inspiration and encouragement during the preparation of this thesis. Except for his patient help and scholarly advice, the thesis would never have attained its present form. His classes, too, have been always stimulating and challenging. My thanks go, also, to those faculty members and administrators of the college who have made my graduate work possible through positions on the teaching and residential staffs of the college. The experience has been exceedingly pleasant and profitable, and I am grateful for the opportunity thus afforded me. Furthermore, I owe a debt of gratitude to members of the library staff, who have been both accomodating and helpful . Family and friends have contributed immeasurably to the success of my efforts through their manifest interest and willing cooperation. Certainly this cannot be called the work of one person, for the hopes and good wishes of many have gone into its making.


Methodism, Eighteenth century literature