Male Infertility: The Process to Seeking Treatment




Lawson, Michele

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Infertility has an effect on both males and females. Current literature focuses on women rather than men. The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of the process that adult males go through from deciding to conceive to seeking treatment for male-factor infertility. A qualitative design utilizing grounded theory was used. Adult males who were seeking treatment for male-factor infertility were included in the study. Interview transcripts were analyzed using Constant Comparative Analysis techniques. Findings include categories such as Just Having Fun, Realization that Something Could be Wrong, Influenced to Go, Testing for the Female, Testing for the Male, Finding Out, Who was there for you?, Seeking Information, What’s the Next Step, Taking a Break, Financial Impacts, Cultural Impacts, and Hindsight . This study aims to fill the gaps of literature regarding infertility and enhance the overall literature in general with male-factor infertility in order to improve the care delivery to couples with infertility, especially male-factor.



Health and environmental sciences, Grounded theory, Infertility, Male factor, Seeking treatment