Parents’ perspectives of sibling bullying: A qualitative inquiry



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This phenomenological study uncovered the voices of 11 parents using a semi-structured interview. A qualitative methodology based on a trauma-informed lens family systems theory was used to explore the impact of sibling bullying. This research aimed to learn about parents' childhood experiences of sibling bullying and how they respond to their children when engaging in it. Six themes emerged, encompassing both the parent's perspective of sibling bullying during their childhood and how they responded to their children engaging in sibling bullying. The parental perspective of sibling bullying highlights the need to provide families with practical methods to prevent bullying at home, as well as develop effective approaches for addressing and treating this behavior. Parents need to respond to their children when they engage in sibling bullying. Parents can be more equipped to handle bullying situations amongst their children, with professionals providing further guidance on increasing helpful intervention within the family system.



Psychology, Behavioral, Sociology, Individual and Family Studies