Pilot study of WrAP: A video-cued writing program with a computerized assessment component used to enhance the writing skills of students




Steinbach, Lisa

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The purpose of this study was to ascertain if a video cued writing system will enhance students' writing skills by reinforcing the previously taught writing process in a video format. In addition the design used a computerized assessment to analyze the writing sample. This format would allow the teacher to use evidence-based instructional planning for the student. The computerized assessment graphed the student's areas of strengths and weaknesses so instruction could focus on these areas. The sample used within the pilot program was comprised of fifteen participants attending a public charter school located in an urban area in North Central Texas. There were ten female and five male participants. The participants were in grades third through eighth. Students were in both regular and special education classes.

The participants appeared to have benefited from the video portion of the program, 93% displayed some increase in word frequency and fluency. However, the assessment portion of the program did not perform as expected.



Special education, Students, Writing, Videotape recordings, Sex differences, Teachers, Writing processes, Junior high school education, Texas