The effects of whole pureed mango intake on serum biomarkers of muscle damage in response to moderate intensity aerobic exercise in sedentary adults

December 2023
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Objective: The aim of this study was to examine the effects of whole pureed mango on cycling performance and biomarkers of muscle damage following exhaustive exercise in healthy sedentary young adults. Methods: A 10 week randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over study was conducted. Participants consumed a mango puree or placebo product daily for 4 weeks each. An exhaustive exercise trial was performed at the end of each treatment. Differences in biomarkers of muscle damage and performance within and between treatments were analyzed. Results: A total of 25 participants completed each treatment. There was a significant difference in Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) within the placebo group and in Myoglobin (MG) and cycling time at given wattage within both groups. There were no significant differences between treatment groups. Although not significant, there was a trend of reduced muscle damage biomarker levels in the mango compared to the placebo group. Conclusions: The findings of this study do not support the hypothesis that consuming whole mango causes decreased biomarkers of muscle damage post-exercise and performance improvement in sedentary young adults.

Healthy sedentary adults